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More snow

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Work has been getting annoying and really frustrating. Things seem to just keep going downhill. Its stupid.

Besides that today I we

nt to the gym and bought a new nailpolish 🙂 its sparkly red which is perfect for my toes lol.

Also, more snow as you can tell by the title for this post. We got a couple more inches of snow today and are expecting even more the rest of the week.


Not good times folks.

Also Kai is moving in just over two weeks to the new house… should be fun.

And our 3 year anniversary is in about a month. 3 years… how has it been that long lol.

I just can’t believe that the years have just flown by without me realising it. I love him to pieces and I’m glad we have lasted this long and hope we last the rest of our lives.

Love you baby!

Thats all I have for now,
Later days guys!


Yay for the new year

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Hey guys!

I know it’s been forever and me being busy shouldn’t be and excuse, but it is haha.

Now that I’m working I hardly have enough time to check my email most days. I love the people I work with, hate my job but love the people. I am actually posting this from my work phone which is an HTC Desire Z and I love this phone!

So hopefully having this wordpress app on my phone will help me to post more often.

Not much has happened with me besides getting a paying, steady job. Me and Kai are still together. I am still living at home for now until I save up some money to move out.

My Mama said she would pay the adoption fee for a dog when I move out haha. I really want a dog guys. I want a Great Dane but we will see what the animal shelter has when I go. I have always wanted to save a dog so this will be my chance.

So thats it for now…its almost 2am and I’m passing out.

Love you guys!


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Long awaited blog post… but with a vlog instead of written words 🙂 Enjoy!

Later days guys!

New hair and the best boyfriends :)

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Hey guys. So I know I have been delinquent in posting lately… okay, not lately but for the past few months. I’m sorry. But I finally got around to uploading this since I was actually near my computer for long enough today to do so. I haven’t found a video editor that I can use with my Mac and my video files (for some reason Adobe Premiere and iMovie don’t like the file.. go figure), so you guys will have to deal with unedited stuff for now. Here is my latest vlog:

And I would also like to add one of the best moments in my relationship with Kai. Let me give you some info before you see the picture. We went out to Walmart so he could get a salad spinner (because you know you need that dry lettuce 😛 ) and while we were there I went to check out the nailpolishes. Well of course I found, and bought, a few I really liked (they were also on sale for $1 and $2 so give me a break here people). We got home and were relaxing but I couldn’t get the nailpolishes out of my head. I couldn’t test them out though because I had just done my finger and toenails just the other day. So I did what any resourceful girl would do and I asked Kai if I could borrow his foot. LOL. He is seriously the best guy I could have ever asked for because he gave me his foot and let me paint his toes.

I. LOVE. Him.

So after I did this thing, I had to beg him to take pictures, because no man wants his brightly painted toenails to go up online. But not one of your friends knows I have a blog baby… at least I highly doubt they do…

So folks, here are the pictures. First I want to give you a picture or two of my loving and charming hottie boyfriend.

Tell me that is not a sexy face 😛

Sick of me and my camera at this point lol

And now for the lovely toe/foot pictures. He has sexy monkey feet.

I was begging for these pictures haha

My foot on the left and his on the right.

Isn’t he the best thing in the world?!? Haha.. I love you hun. Always.


On a different story that I almost forgot about. My dearest little brother Camera had been growing out his flowing locks of hair for the past two years. It was past his shoulders, had a cute curl to it, and then he decided he was going to cut it all off and buzz-cut it. These are the pictures to show you just how much hair was cut off this kids head. It could have been a small-medium sized dog people.. it was a lot of freaking hair.

Ponytail.. you are missed by some, and not by others *coughmomcough*

I see you MM, poofy blonde hair, flowing in the wind

His hair is soo long.. but the thing that makes this picture? The random kid in the back baha

Half gone!

Dude, your hair is all gone. You are now bald... is your head cold?

That came off his head.. it's a small dog people.. a small dog!

And that is the story of Camera’s hair no more.

That’s all I have for today folks. Hope your week has started off good and will continue to go that way!

Later days!

New additions to my life

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If you have been following me on Twitter you will know that I have lost and gained 2 betta fish. Taco died of an unknown factor and Yogurt finally succumbed and died a few days ago. I have gotten 2 new bettas because I can’t bear to have my tanks empty and I miss having the little guys around. So without waiting any further let me introduce you to Hal (short for Jalapeno) and Cornchip:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here’s a video of them… sorry if it’s blurry. The zoom was on and I didn’t realize until after this was shot. And I think the fish were harassed enough with a camera in their faces so this will have to be it for now.

And one last addition. I finally got my tongue pierced! 🙂

Not the most flattering picture I know.. but yay for tongue piercing!

That’s all I have for now. I will write more soon I promise. 🙂

Later days!

Forever plus a day

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Yes it has been forever since I posted last, I believe I took an unexpected hiatus. Everything has been crazy and now that I am down to my last week of school? Life is even more crazy. I am sad to see this end, sad to see my friends go off on their own paths, and scared to be free of the safety net that my scholastic career has brought. I will be moving back home, for the final time until I completely move out on my own, this coming Friday. Which means that I have a shit ton of things to get done. Packing and homework and final mall trips and everything else. I think I may have a breakdown by the time this week is through.

I had some minor, okay some pretty major, internship drama that is now sorted out and I have switched so I will hopefully now be interning at the local radio station come May. I will find out for sure the week of April 5th when I make a phone call to meet with Radio Guy who will give me the go ahead or the turn down for this internship, but from what he has said on a previous call it doesn’t sound like it will be a problem. So I am stoked about that.

On another note, I’m going to be getting my tongue pierced! *dances around* I have wanted my tongue pierced since I was 14 or 15 but was never able to get it done because both of my parents hate it haha. But now that I’m older, and they basically have no say, I’m getting it done. I will be going to the same place I get my tattoos to get it pierced and it will probably be done the same day or the day after the meet with Radio Guy due to the fact that it takes 2-4 weeks to heal and if I get it pierced right after the meet it should be healed by the time my internship starts and I can change to the shorter barbell and change the balls from the metal ones to clear acrylic ones to hide it. I’m psyched to get it done, even though I’m dreading the first week since I hear it’s agony. But I will get through it.

I will try and blog, or possibly even vlog again, by the time this week is out and I’ve moved back home since I doubt I’ll have time this week to do any kind of blogging. I want to write more about how much school ending is going to suck and how scary it is, but honestly, my eyes are too heavy to keep open right now and I’m passing out at my keyboard haha. So my next post will be more insightful I promise.

Later days!

Home is where the exhausted family is at

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